Friday, 14 August 2009

This is how you goth it.

If you check out Jose Castro’s website, you might think it’s a marketing tool for a Hollywood horror film. Blair Witch project slash Jason meets Freddy actually--cobwebs, haunted house in the middle of the night with lightnings striking at its roof. Sounds like a recipe for terror but don’t be fooled. Once you click on the links, you’ll see that inside the spooky website is a fantastic collection of Mr. Castro’s designs. I call it Goth Couture: Scary Beautiful. A spawn of Scary and Posh.

Fresh from his Arnhem Mode Biënnale 2009 stint last month where he presented his collection with big names like Maison Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan and Victor & Rolf among others, Spanish designer Jose Castro is one of the most sought after designers in the country. He collaborated in the past with the likes of Alexander McQueen for Givenchy and worked with big Spanish brands like Miro Jeans, Desigual and Indetex Group (ZARA, Massimo Dutti etc.)

His collection a few years back called “EL Cuervo” (his haute couture brand) should be put in the present and future tenses as you will see traces of present day Rick Owens, a little bit of Comme De Garcons and Denmark’s Barbara i Gongini. He used thick but not overly heavy materials (or knitting) to create a beautiful array of layers, volumes and textiles crumpled to produce a more dramatic effect. The collection is predominantly in black and gray which was a little tribute to good darkness of his Galician culture and the romance of dark literature, films, witches and warlords…stories of dead people coming back as birds (hmmm, Madonna’s FROZEN video popped in my head).

“If I made everything nice and very elegant it would turn out to be irreal. That’s why I try to mix it with with the ragged, the heavy, the more human with something more Paris-like, more elaborated, more sophisticated” –Jose Castro

I Love this convoluted piece of work. Strange but wearable with black leggings or jeans to make this out of this world piece earthbound.

How do you crazed up a torero / bullfighter outfit? Like this:

In 2008, Mr. Castro did a 360º turn when he presented a collection using (gasp) pink and flowers! It was a total shock but I guess that was the intention.

Mr. Castro still designs for Desigual, A trendy high street Spanish brand promising that no two items are the same. And no, don't expect any goth, spawn of scary and posh spice there. It's more of baby spice's choice of colors.


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