Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I can't really decide on the title of this one. Let's just say, Mango: Lost in Translation but has finally thought up.

With the slogan "special prices for creative living", Spanish clothing line MANGO has added another concept called "Think Up" which promises to offer goods at special prices (translation: cheaper price).

Well, I say.... It's about time!!!

Their research team must have woken up from a very long siesta and realized that people are quite reluctant to buy from them because of its comparatively expensive prices compared to major competition ZARA et al. And just because Penelope Cruz and her sister designed a line doesn't mean we have to pay designer tag price too, thank you very much. I would rather have a "Gucci or Marc Jacobs inspired (translation: copycat) piece from ZARA at a more economical price.

Speaking of Zara. For my readers outside Spain, I will let you in on a goss:

Did you know that ZARA (which is part of the multi-milion Inditex Group with brands like Massimo Dutti, Bershka ,Pull and Bear, Kiddy's Class and more under their belt) has a stock store called LEFTIES? (translation: Leftovers, hah!)

Lefties store: Looks rough on the outside, heaven on the inside.

This is a fabulous store with ZARA goods at incredibly reduced prices. Zara bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, everything! When my friends abroad came to visit me last year and wanted to raid the Zara stores all over the coast (being a Spanish brand it is actually much cheaper here than the rest of Europe) I redirected them to Lefties and they went literally gaga over it! One friend got a beautiful Zara platform shoes retailed at 50 euros for only 11 euros! They all left the country with excess baggages as you can imagine.

At Lefties, you can walk away with tops for 2 or 3 euros, pants for 10 euros, skirts at 5 and accesorries for cents. I can remember buying a lipgloss or something for .75 cents there. Be very meticulous in choosing your articles though because sometimes they sell rejects, slightly damaged stuff as well.

Lefties also have it's own line of clothings but I tell you...you wouldn't even wanna consider it.

I was searching the net for their website but couldn't find any. Of course, Inditex wouldn't wanna let anyone in on something as good as this.

So, going back to Mango's "Think Up", I really believe that this is their answer to Zara's Lefties. Not bad at all. At least people can have more choices in these finacially hard times.
And no, Scarlett Johansonn is only modelling for Mango campaigns and not the new one. (Translation: Too cheap for a former Louis Vuitton model).

Thanks God for bargains.


Think Up: http://www.mango.com/
Lefties photo here
Scarlett for Mango image here


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