Tuesday, 15 September 2009

RSVP: An INTIMATE fashion celebration.

While the whole world is basking under the heat (or rain?) of the Fashion Week, I am sitting today in my office tailoring, cutting some loose ends, mincing to and fro sometimes and designing (un)creative emails to my clients. Deadlines always give me hyperventilation and now, it is slowly getting back to normal as I only need one artwork to chase. I promised my boss I'm gonna chase this client come hell or high waters so I will try to do what I promised.

I gave the Spanish Fashion Week a miss this year as I am very busy moving to my new apartment! You just don't know how elated I am putting on those Martha Stewart gloves and giving the place a make over which, I admit, is not one of my greatest talents. (Interior design suggestions are very much welcome, everyone!). Believe it or not, this is the first time ever that I would be living alone as I always lived with family or with friends. I have always wanted this to happen and with mixed emotions--scared/excited etc---I signed a contract to my independence.

So, I will be fashion week-ing in my new apartment instead this Saturday and what's the best way to "warm" the house?

My officemate, the girl with a filthy mind, suggested I should do an orgy party!

I said, "Hell, why not!"

So mark this on your calendar:

What: A very INTIMATE house WARMing party in celebration of the fashion week.
When: Saturday, the 19th of September 2009
Where: In my apartment somewhere on the Costa Del Sol. Second Floor, door to the right.


Scott Schuman---the hottest guy in the planet for me at the moment. I can just imagine him with nothing but his camera on and probably a DOUBLE BREASTED jacket and a scarf.

Anderson Cooper--Not fashion related though I'm sure he's got more Vogue collection in his room than I do. This all American squeaky clean anchor is the man I would definitely introduce to my parents. I 'll have him in my orgy party first of course. Testing the goods before you buy them, yeah? Can't wait to test that boom mic.

Uncle Karl
--only if he brings Baptiste with him (to serve drinks and condoms). Uncle Karl will be the official photographer of the event, ONLY.

Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and the Dsquared twins--You know I love mature /powerful men, don't yah? (actually all the under 25's in this party will at some point serve peanuts, condoms, lubricants and cigarette around. ok?) Purpose: To find out what's under MJ's manskirt, to discover Tom's real scent and find out if the twins are exactly the same in all things.

Brazilian boytoys--Lorenzo Martone (Marc Jacobs' husband), Jesus Luz (Madonna's bf). Aside from serving caipirinha to guests, they will also be the strippers to kick off the night. Note: Guests, please bring wads of cash. Their G-strings can accommodate at least a couple of thousands. Very elastic.

This is a fashion event y'all but there should be a celeb too! Wolverine will be there (Officemate with the dirty mind said she wanted to get on all fours and howl for him). We need a straight guy in the house at least no?

Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal. We want to see a match. A five hour long battle of the balls.

Lapo Elkann
--the most stylish man on the planet will be in my "intimate party" and he might just give us a free car after if he enjoyed it. Grandson of FIAT chairman (yes , the car!), this Italian playboy has been my phone's screensaver for a while. I am lusting after those golden locks and I can't wait to run my finger through it and more...

And of course, the guy who I will be spending most of the time with...Stefano Gabanna.

I've got an impeccable taste for men, don't you think so?

Oh, by the way. Naomi Campbell is invited too. She'll be guarding the door from intruders. With a giant cellphone at bay.

RSVP: +34 697765422 Miss J. a.k.a. Jenna Jameson.


all photos from Google images


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