Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hot Partayyyyyy!

Look who's having a ball!

Hot Marbella will hold it's first ever Hot party this Friday, 16th of October in TIBU, Marbella. Doors will open at 10pm and everybody is invited to come and celebrate with us as long as you enter your details at http://www.hotmagazine.es/

Dress code: Pink and/or Black.

I know , I know, don´t blame me. I didn´t choose the color scheme. If It were upon me, I would have asked everyone to come with nothing but a hat so pink and black is definitely way better than my judgement.

The gorgeous Miss J. will appear in a very nice ensemble courtesy of a very generous high street brand but details of that to follow and of course, a blow by blow account of the party will be chronicled in this site.

What will happen? I have no idea but I am sure it will be a blast as the most interesting (and beautiful) people will be present and will also be the first meet and greet party for the magazine´s facebook members.

Speaking of Facebook. You know what? I think the idea of actually meeting people you don´t know personally but you think you know through their FB status is quite surreal, isn´t it?
Facebook has opened us all in this voyeuristic world (at it´s best) which makes our lives, how uninteresting it may be, an open book for everyone to read. People begin to secretely follow someone else´s life without the other person knowing it. We become invisible , harmless stalkers in a way; peeking through the keyholes of the lives of the others.

Anyway, back to the party, I am excited to meet a certain member of the page. I know what he likes for breakfast, I know where he spent his last holiday, and I even know his brand of perfume. Now, putting all these info to use, I think I could end the night with a smile on my face.


I will let my hair down and catch up with friends I haven´t seen for ages! Believe it or not, I haven´t been out for a proper nightout since....exactly. So I guess it´s about time to put on those dancing shoes again.

And oh, I hope the Holga camera that I bought online arrives on time. I tracked it today on DHL´s site and it´s already in Malaga port so I am expecting it to be on my doorstep tomorrow.I have been salivating long enough for this crazy, cheap camera which takes kick ass images and I finally took the courage to whipped out my now cobweb-coated credit card for a little bit of indulgence and "forced economy" as a friend once told me(whatever that means).
I still don´t know how to use the camera or how to upload the images online (it is not digital) but what the heck; I am having it and I am just pleased.

So, in case you are on the Costa del Sol and wanna have a good time this Friday, log on to http://www.hotmagazine.es/ to be in the guest list of the hottest party this autumn!
See you there, bitches!


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