Friday, 20 November 2009

Marks and Spencer Marbella: Sweet Reunion.

There are only two things in the world that would wake me up from a long blogging hibernation: Food and Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga's Bad Romance literally wakes me up everyday as I made it my cellphone alarm while the new M&S is the subject of my new indulgence after more than five years of not seeing even a single chocolate wrapper from the brand since I moved here in Spain.

When news broke out that M&S was opening it's first store in Spain (the company pulled out it's Madrid branch eight years ago. Why? Don't know, don't care) in Marbella's La Canada shopping Centre, I was counting down the days to have a taste of those beautiful chocolates---the only thing I could buy at that time in Manila when I was still in university. Of course, in those days, the euro-peso exchange was horrible and everything in the store was just so expensive!

Fast forward to ten years later, M&S is here within reach and of course, I didn't waste time. The second day it opened, I rushed to the store and thanks be to God, I was not disappointed. From the door I walked for the kill straight to the food section. Yes, there is a small but decent food section where I was greeted with the sweetest things in the world:

As you see , I only have consumed the toffee meringue and the cookies. I don't plan to have a heart attack at 30 years old with these sinful things washed down by a can of Coke Light, thank you very much. The toffee and pecan meringue is just heavenly, it melts in your mouth like foam and the bits of pecan nuts balance out the softness and sweetness of the whole thing and make you want to have more, more, and more. Hmmm...

The cookies are exceptionally amazing too. Crunchy but the chocolates inside are a little chewy making it more satisfying to the palate.

Now, having moved recently to a new apartment, I thought it is not fair to just have a sweet fix but I'm also gonna buy some house stuff. Look what I ended up with:

Grapefruit and ginger scented room spray

Magnolia scented foaming bath essence

Still haven't used the gel but the room fragrance is just but amazing. It literally makes your room smell....expensive! Yes, I know that's not exactly an adjective for any kind of smell but that's exactly how I smelt mine after a couple of sprays.

Imagine JLo in her 100 square meter bedroom surrounded with expensive 1000-thread sheets, designer curtains all in white...bouquets of magnolias everywhere...everything glowing in white...and yes, minus her skeletor husband: that's how I imagined I were and how my bedroom smelled. Gee...

I didn't check out the clothes section as I never was keen with their clothing line anyways. I've seen a lot of cute Christmas displays and gift ideas though and might come back for the bathrobe (100 % egyptian cotton, if I saw it correctly) when I got some hard earned disposable cash to ...well, dispose.

Come on people, I paid for food. It's not like I bought a gram of some white stuff that makes this planet crazy. I nourished myself and enjoyed it and money went to a good cause---myself. And besides, M&S just invested 3 million euros for this store so I was just trying to help them get it back in my own sweet little ways.

Now if you'll excuse me, I still have to try out my magnolia scented bubble bath.



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