Sunday, 29 November 2009

Smells Like (Gay) Teen Spirit

Confused of someone's sexuality? Gaydar not working? Well, the next time a fag hag tells you someone is gay because she can "smell" him, you can immediately confirm her effervescent suspicion: If he smells like EAU MO, he definitely is gay!

Introducing the EAU MO (try to pronounce it the gay way : (ho-mo) eau de toilette pour gay. Yes, the only perfume that is out of the closet, marketing specifically to the gay male market.

With base notes of Cedar, Amber, Musk and Vanilla (hmmm...), it "smells like the spirit of youth".

Amen to that.

Now you know the perfect Christmas gift you can give your GBFF (gay best friend forever). EAUMO is only available online and comes in two sizes (I thought there were more than that...) and comes in a slick bottle with the color scheme of HOT Magazine---electric pink and black.

The gorgeous muscled mary in the picture, sold separately.



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