Saturday, 5 December 2009

From U.S.A. with Love

Seems like America is liking my humble little blog. Look who's been visiting today, December 5, 2009 !

From the fashionable streets of New York, the gay backrooms of San Fran, to the rednecks of Texas and Oklahoma and the wealthy pensioners of Florida....Thank you very much for dropping by Marbellastyle!

Of course, my little Spanish minions would not be forgotten coming second with 66 readers today. People, it is a long weekend. Log off and enjoy the outdoors, por dios!

And a bigshout to all my new recruits from the Eastern block Azerbaijan, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, the shisha smoking women of Uzbekistan, Iran, Serbia and the brand obsessed teenagers from Korea, India, The Philippines, Japan and China.

Wow, sound like Eurovision frenzy to me , this is. Keep it coming and por favor, leave your comments, bitches!

A big, big BESO to all of you!


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