Sunday, 14 June 2009

It takes a man to fill this shoes,again.

First it was Jenia Molnar, the Senior Director of Public Relations of Giorgio Armani in Fifth Avenue NY office sending me this (via email):and this

Then, the beautiful high priestess of the blogosphere, Miss Wendy Brandes gave me a shout out in Facebook telling me to get my booty back to work.

And finally, just when I was about to ignore all the signs calling me back to blog, I saw this in Nytimes's T-Magazine:

I thought: Goodness gracious. I can hear keyboard typing, the adrenalin rushing, the acrylic nails breaking into pieces again--I have to blog! This picture of Quentin seems like a homage to one of my past blog entry that gave me my first 1000 hits in 3 beautiful days! The blogosphere is calling me and this time, I will hear it.

Yes, dahlin', Miss J. is back. This is the biggest comeback since Lazarus rose from his death.

To all those who were wondering what happened to me and where on earth I was; flooding my emails with press releases and link requests, thank you. I may not have been present in the sphere but rest assured, I am very much updated with what's happening in fashyon. I had a rough year as rough as the the financial crisis, plane crashes and political situations in Iran but as they all say, the show must go on so with no further ado, lets' start blogging, bitches, and yes, with stilletos on.


Miss J.


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