Friday, 10 July 2009

Meet my Future Ex-Husband: Josep Font

I Wish.

Josep Font, Spain's one and only ambassador to Paris Haute Couture unveiled his latest Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 collection along with Ellie Saab and Jean-Paul Gaultier, July 08,2009.

My future ex-husband brought homage to Frank Stella, an american painter and sculptor famous for his tridimensions, colors and use of perpectives.

With his homage to Stella, my future ex-husband used surprising volumes in skirts, trousers and shoulder pads which seemed like moving sculptures.

Also, he fused art with tradition, inspired by Mexico's day of the dead celebration through his vibrant colors and chromatic contrast.

Josep debuted in Paris Houte couture in 2008, the first ever Spanish designer to be included in the high fashion runways of Paris. This is his fourth time and I bet my dollar, this won't be the last that we're gonna see him.

Josep Font work under the label Gabriela in Spain.

The headresses are quite similar to palmas in the domingo de ramos (palm sunday celebration in Holy Week) celebration. A very catholic, very Spanish tradition since time immemorial.

Josep's work looked like it's inspired by fairy tales and Tim Burton--it's genius and I love it.
Jenny Barchfield of the Associated Press called his collection "crazy, definitely. Brilliant, possibly".
It is the thin line between madness and creativity that creates a genius.
As for me, I am madly inlove with this genius.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Saving the planet, one feather earring at a time.

Timesonline reports today about the business of reduce, re-use, recycle. With such businesses thriving and gaining from biodiesel to green coffin and dead wood ( I want a study table made from Dracula’s coffin please), helping mother earth is becoming a million dollar enterprise providing not only thousands of jobs but also keeping the environment alive.

Ok. So? What does it have to do with my daily fashion blahs?

Easy. I just discovered Alex and Ani’s website and I want to rave about it. Since I am not an expert on Saving the Planet and my greatest contribution to green awareness was to come as a giant onion at Halloween party when I was five (if this count as a contribution), let me redeem myself today from my crime against nature by telling you that yes, you can save Mother Earth while still looking gorgeous.

Alex and Ani’s is an American company that produces accessories which are environmentally conscious and hand crafted from recycled metals. Combining glamour with ecoawareness, their pieces can be seen regularly in leading women's and fashion magazines in the states worn by celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Miley Cyrus among others.

I love how owner and designer Caroline Rafaelian literally turned scraps into valuable and wearable accesories. Maybe I should ask her to give me a lesson on how to do such things; I could make an antire Autumn/Winter collection for Harrods with all the useless crap I have in my bedroom.

Anya Hindmarch made her point in 2007 that saving the planet can indeed be fashionable with her iconic " I am not a plastic bag" bag. This year, you too can be an eco-warrior and save mother Earth from extinction; one recycled feather earring at a time.

check out for more details.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Amaya Arzuaga: New Tides, New Universe.

Amaya Arzuarga described her Autumn/ Winter 09-10 collection as “a moon’s reaction of curved geometries and intuitions that glimpse the feminine creation”.

My poetic skills which are limited to Neruda and Rumi may not able to either grasp this phrase or understand the universe’s way of touching her designs but it’s not a moon that can I can see in her but a star. A spanish star.

Unlike Milan, Paris or London, Madrid is still a place where fashion never takes the risk. It sticks to the classic, safe and almost traditional ways albeit with a price distinctly European—high. If London is bohemia fused with glam rock ; Milan and Paris are all about glamour and creativity, Madrid is more or less Ralph Lauren with a tag price of a Dior.

Amaya’s challenge is to change all that. Well, maybe not change but to infuse these different styles in an eclectic mix, Spanish fashion has never seen before. Her geometrical patterns is a breathe of fresh air and the visual impact is never boring.

What sets her apart from other Spanish designers is her ability to manipulate her materials specifically the textile itself (which must be the result of her upbringing in a textile factory in the province of Burgos). She has even used a pioneering technique of using technological material like optic fibers (cut using laser) applied in cascades---same technique used by NASA, in treating her weaves.

I love how the pleats and patterns work perfectly on the dress without it making like a costume rather something than you can actually wear. Earthly colors of beige, green black and gray dominate the collection which worked perfectly with those sparkly leggings.

For me, this collection is homage to Origami in its highest form. Also, I could visualize the pleats as graceful, almost female waves rising as the forces of the Moon and Sun act on the ocean.

Alas, Amaya is the gravity that pulls the tide of Spanish fashion into an exciting shore.


(All photos from

Monday, 6 July 2009

Legs: The New Biceps?

Following the recently concluded Madrid Pride last Saturday where I had to practice my walking skills along the endless Gran Via and got disappointed with the absence of BRUNO (cheap tactic There was a BRUNO float without BRUNO) and the Gula-Gula dancers (see left photo) which are always a delight to the eye, it was very clear that the pink dollar (euro) has been hit by the recession too with 32 percent less attendance compared to last year.

Speaking of less, Men's shorts are back for the summer . And brace yourselves, they are getting shorter.

It seems like we will be seeing a lot more of the micropants next year as it gets more mainstream. In the recent Paris and Milan Men's Fashion shows, we've seen a showdown of collection featuring mini trousers. From Junya Watanabe, Lanvin to Dsquared and Hermes, the shorts have made a comeback and I guess it's gonna be here for a long time.
So guys, go easy on the steroids. Don't overdo your upper body unless you want to be the real life Johnny Bravo. Instead, enroll yourselves in a spinning class and tone them gorgeous legs.

The question is, would straight men shed off their cargo pants for the short shorts? I'm sure the rednecks would wage war against this trend. I'm just so glad I'm in Europe where masculinity is not measured by the lenght of a man's trouser or the color of his shirt.
I say bring on those sexy manly legs, shaved or not.

(Photos from top to bottom: DSquared, Junya Watanabe, Lanvin, Hermes. All photos from


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