Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Model Citizen: Jenna Sauers' True Lies

The Guardian today writes about one of Jezebel's ( a popular feminine site) writers, Model Jenna Sauers. After two years of modelling for big publications such as Harper's Bazaar , Marie Claire, Glamour and InStyle magazines among others, she was also Jezebel's mole providing cheek in tongue accounts of the modelling industry as she lives it.

I thought I've seen some postings about her in a fashion community site where I am a member too so I went back to the thread and I found her response to an enquiry about if she was actually the famous character in Jezebel:

Oh Jenna. Blatantly lying were we?

Anyway, so she moaned to the British paper about the not so glamourous realities of being a model, how models are not getting so much as we all thought they do; about racism and harrassment in the industry blah blah blah. I admire her strenght to come out and tell the whole world about her truth but will it change anything? We hope so. Reality check: we doubt it.

Jenna's career is shifting to writing and she's actually good at it. She has a blog called "Jenna's Model Life" (she should change it to "Writer Life" instead) and works as a freelance writer for magazines.

It is a natural process for a model to shift careers: Cameron Diaz, Rebecca Romijn, Famke Janssen are now actresses as well as a bunch of other ex-models (Gemma Ward being the latest addition); Tara Moss is now a crime novel writer, Carla Bruni was a model, singer and now first lady of France, how's that for a career change! And of course, you have Naomi Campbell who is now....Naomi Campbell. Let's hope Jenna's chosen career path would be great for her.

So, we might not be seeing Jenna in any magazine covers soon or ever so let's feast our eyes to her once upon a happy time photos.

What's in the pipeline for Jenna? A memoir, I bet. And oh yeah...don't lie this time babe.


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Monday, 27 July 2009

Fashion Spotlight: Framn Rezende

and the tale of the tomatoes....

“Esto es para comprar Tomate” …This is (what you wear) to buy tomatoes! Exclaimed Framn describing the second look his stylist and make up artist concocted together under the blazing Madrid sun.
Of course, he was joking.
No one, not even his style icon Sophia Lauren would be caught dead in expensive fur, leather gloves and hat buying a kilo of tomatoes in the middle of July (she wouldn’t get caught dead buying a kilo of tomatoes at all. Period.)

Being invited to Framn Rezende’s photo shoot in the heart of Madrid was like finding a pot of treasure in a labyrinth. For one, I don’t know Madrid that much and asking around for directions at almost 40 degree temperature is almost disheartening. At last, after some text messages from his stylist Aitor, I found out his hiding spot. I caught him literally lying on the ground with his camera catching the model’s most dramatic angles. He didn’t mind the dirt of the ground nor the extreme hot weather. He was sucked into his own world working away with his camera and his team. Politely, I waited till he finished and with a smile, he welcomed me to his photo shoot. One of his many that week.

Brazilian born and raised Framn (pronounced Fran) is not new to doing fashion shoots in extreme temperature. His job has taken him all around Europe, From Paris to Madrid including Asia’s fashion capital, Hongkong. He used to work as a make up artist thus his eye for details and beauty ---all of which he now translate to photos for fashion magazine spreads, editorials and campaigns. In Spain, his works were published in leading Spanish fashion magazines and online such as Essential, The Balde, Fashion Chicago Magazine, FUXYZ, and Beandlife among others. He gets his inspirations from films, mostly Old Italians where actors live and breathe glamour. He counts Steven Meisel and Patrick Demarchelier as two of his favorite photographers stating that their work is art in its highest form.

I found his work though Facebook and since I had things to attend to in Madrid last month, I got a chance to meet with him personally. Barrio Austria, one of the oldest barrios in Madrid was his location for the day. His team due to the complexities of outdoor shooting is camped on a corner of a century old building, one of the many in this part of Madrid. The clothes and other paraphernalia neatly packed with one side; the stylist, Aitor keeping an eye to all their belongings as the make up artist and the rest go watch the shoot. I would guard it with my life as well if I was in that position. The clothes were an array of expensive finds from Devota & Lomba, Sinéquanone, Manoush, Baby Phat, and BDBA. Asked who chose the pieces, it was Fran. He could do an entire shoot by himself (make up, styling, taking pictures) had he got more than two hands.

The camera started flashing again. The model lazily lounged her body on the staircase of an unknown gothic church and as if possessed, she tried on a pout; squinted her eyes, and the cars began to pull over and watch the scene.
A tourist stood beside me and remarked if the fur were real. “I don’t know”, I said saving myself from trouble in case he is a PETA officer, “but it looks expensive”. He smiled and walked away.

After the shoot, we talked about his influences and his plans. He will be putting up an exhibition of his photographs in September (For details check out his site) and plans to do more work in Hongkong soon.
As he ushered his muse to their next location, I bid goodbye to everyone. The model gave me air kisses not to smudge her make up. Behind the barrio was a massive market before reaching a way out to plaza Mayor and onto the Metro.
There were red, ripe tomatoes packed into a mini pyramid. Loads of it. Then I realized, I wasn’t wearing my gloves.
Check out Framn Rezende's site at HERE


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