Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Scanning in the way of Control

I was checking Miss Wendy Brandes´s blog last night (as I usually do as I am her biggest fan in Spain) when I stumbled upon her post about the Fashion's Night Out. I thought, hmmm...if it's a global fashion whatevs party, then there must be one in Spain too! Voila! there it was...Madrid, Spain!

With my less than flawless Spanish, I tried to decipher what the fuss is all about and my heart skipped beats as I read through every lines until I reached something that says..."deadline, September 9". I looked at my watch, it was 11:20pm, the 8th of September. I took a deep breath, filled out the online form and for the first time in a long while, I wrote a kick ass persuasion email. So convincing, even I would hire myself if I read it.

Today, there it was...sitting on my inbox together with a hundred spam mails of Viagra offers, Lottery winner notifications and invitation to indecent gatherings which involve sexual intercourse, an email from Press Pass to the Spanish Fashion's Night Out!!!

I almost died.

Things like these may not mean anything for some people but for me, it is a big deal. No, let me get that right: it is a massive deal. For someone like me who has worked his ass off for two years for a seemingly unknown blog, being invited to something(minute as it may be) from an authority in this field (Vogue) is a real delight and honor. If I got it correctly, I think this is the first time this sort of event will happen in the Spanish capital so I am very delighted to become a part of it.

Even though my blog does not get a thousand visits a day (I'm happy with my daily 200 hits), I am quite proud of it as I get to write my thoughts on something. And I mean actually write---a process which inloves thinking, reasoning, giving opinion and translating thoughts into words, weaving them to a piece. Very campy as my blog sounds, at least I just didn't scan some nice picture from a magazine and pretend that it is a blog post.

Excuse my seemingly vile opinion on this matter but I have an aversion to blogs with nothing but scanned pictures of something then the next thing you know, they are getting millions of hits a day. UNLESS of course, if it is a photography dedicated or related blog and does not pretend to be anything other than that.

I mean, people like Susie Bubble and Wendy Brandes who get strong followers and high voltage readership each day didn't just ripped off Elle and Marie Claire editorials, scanned them, post them on their sites with nothing but stupid captions like "this is cute" or " I really like this!" , did they?

These respectable bloggers actually have something to say or if there is nothing to say they will think of one and write about it--which is the very essence of blogging anyway. Blogging is a union of the mind, your keyboard and your machinery (scanners, camera etc.) . One has to give his/her take on something that why it's called an online journal for pete's sake!

Anyway, enough of the very long verbal diarrhea. Let's go back to me.

An hour since I read the mail, I got a call from the press office of the publication confirming my details and my attendance... giving me instructions etc. I was in heaven.

So with not much time to lose, I minced my way through all the daily office chores, booked my ticket for the trip and ponder on what to wear. The million dollar question: WHAT WILL I WEAR???

So as I type this post, I am actually half naked (oh don't get too excited. There's nothing to be excited about believe me) mixing and matching outfits and finding the best combo I could get out of my limited wardrobe choices.

A friend of mine said, "you should wear at least Prada".

Reality check. It's almost midnight, the event is tomorrow, and I don't have fucking three thousand euros to splurge on "at least Prada".

I'm sure I can sort out something though don't worry. In fact, I'm excited to wear for the first time my fabulous pair of Italian shoes which I swore I would never wear unless it is for a really special occasion. THAT TIME HAS COME.


Train tickets? Check.

Overnight traveling bag? (I HAVE to be back at work on Friday) Check.

Outfit? hmmm...still have hours to rummage through the closet and a friend's closet (which I doubt will be very helpful anyway) but will get there.

Self confidence? Poise? Charm?? check! check! check!

See? that's what I mean with making a point without scanning editorials, bitches!

Besos! and see you tomorrow in Madrid.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I can't really decide on the title of this one. Let's just say, Mango: Lost in Translation but has finally thought up.

With the slogan "special prices for creative living", Spanish clothing line MANGO has added another concept called "Think Up" which promises to offer goods at special prices (translation: cheaper price).

Well, I say.... It's about time!!!

Their research team must have woken up from a very long siesta and realized that people are quite reluctant to buy from them because of its comparatively expensive prices compared to major competition ZARA et al. And just because Penelope Cruz and her sister designed a line doesn't mean we have to pay designer tag price too, thank you very much. I would rather have a "Gucci or Marc Jacobs inspired (translation: copycat) piece from ZARA at a more economical price.

Speaking of Zara. For my readers outside Spain, I will let you in on a goss:

Did you know that ZARA (which is part of the multi-milion Inditex Group with brands like Massimo Dutti, Bershka ,Pull and Bear, Kiddy's Class and more under their belt) has a stock store called LEFTIES? (translation: Leftovers, hah!)

Lefties store: Looks rough on the outside, heaven on the inside.

This is a fabulous store with ZARA goods at incredibly reduced prices. Zara bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, everything! When my friends abroad came to visit me last year and wanted to raid the Zara stores all over the coast (being a Spanish brand it is actually much cheaper here than the rest of Europe) I redirected them to Lefties and they went literally gaga over it! One friend got a beautiful Zara platform shoes retailed at 50 euros for only 11 euros! They all left the country with excess baggages as you can imagine.

At Lefties, you can walk away with tops for 2 or 3 euros, pants for 10 euros, skirts at 5 and accesorries for cents. I can remember buying a lipgloss or something for .75 cents there. Be very meticulous in choosing your articles though because sometimes they sell rejects, slightly damaged stuff as well.

Lefties also have it's own line of clothings but I tell wouldn't even wanna consider it.

I was searching the net for their website but couldn't find any. Of course, Inditex wouldn't wanna let anyone in on something as good as this.

So, going back to Mango's "Think Up", I really believe that this is their answer to Zara's Lefties. Not bad at all. At least people can have more choices in these finacially hard times.
And no, Scarlett Johansonn is only modelling for Mango campaigns and not the new one. (Translation: Too cheap for a former Louis Vuitton model).

Thanks God for bargains.


Think Up:
Lefties photo here
Scarlett for Mango image here

Monday, 7 September 2009

The Extraterrestrial Skirt

I meant to post this a couple of weeks back but because of my workload (I'm an office bitch if anyone wants to know), I had it in my drafts box forever.

Browsing the net through for images of harem pants for my article in HOT Marbella, I stumbled upon this piece which made my mind boggled.

Is it a pair of pants? or is it a skirt? I tried to figure it out from the pictures alone but couldn't get a proper judegment.

It looks like a trouser yes, but something about how it drapes and moves made me think, it might be a skirt.

So, saving my brain for more unnecessary thinking, I phoned up their PR company to confirm the identity of this extraterrestrial piece of clothing.

The answer? It is a Skirt.

Designed by Seville born Anjara, this piece is part of her A/W09 collection which is very feminine yet splashed with some hint of rock and roll in them Also, you can see in her work a dash of the bohemian spirit which the Spanish are quite known for.

Let me give you my take on this convoluted skirt---I think that this piece is wearable for men too! A pair of skinny jeans or leggings (if he's more adventurous) and this go fab with a pair of jacket or just some funky, kick ass shirt.

I am actually thinking of getting one for the fashion week. Accreditation result this week. God help me.


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