Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Amaya Arzuaga,Served Chilled.

My favorite Spanish designer, Amaya Arzuaga must have been listening to a lot of chillout music lately. Instead of jumping into the whole back-to-the-80's bandwagon, she preferred to have her designs chilled, cooled and calmed to perfection for the Cibeles Fashion Week.
Inspired by natural evolution--this time a caterpillar to a butterfly, Amaya brought back serenity to the chaos of the fashion week by bringing earth colors, nude shades and gray with a little bit of pale pink, as if sunkissed.

To say that some lazy Ibiza ambient tunes or a laid-back Formentera weekend getaway did some magic to Amaya does not mean her designs were utterly lackluster. On the contrary, mother nature has given her the most surprising array of elements which she smartly incorporated on the clothes and as expected, it worked. Shapes and volumes of conch, mushrooms, wind and the ubiquitous flower plus the use of some serious lightweight tulle formed into layers of labyrinth (which looked like butterflies with their wings flapping in full speed) gave a hint of fairy tale to the collection.
The meditation has worked well Amaya. Now you can chill and relax on your laurels.
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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Spain Calling! Updates of the Spanish fashion Week.

I should really get a map of Spain and learn geography 101. Learn and travel. Too many places to go, I should be drafting a travel plan soon.
First stop, Pontevedra where the amazingly eccentric designer (Agatha Ruiz, meet you future match) Amai, Rodriguez is from.

Amai shocked Pasarela Cibeles with her collection based on parties and nightouts of a materialistic youth who want to shy away from reality.

Original, extravagant and outrageous, the collection was shown in three parts--before , during and after the party. Ms. Rodriguez received the L'oreal Paris Prize for best collection this year.

The pieces were wild, colorful with use of masks, hats of different shapes and sizes. More like a mixture of the Venice carnival meets Disneyland meets Willy Wonker and The Chocolate Factory.

Amai Rodriguez was born in Poio Pontevedra in 1985 and had her catwalk debut last year.

Pontevedra is based in Galicia which is famous for its superb seafood. Now they can add "fashion" to its list.


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