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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Once Again, the other Murakami

In 2008, I wrote a blog post about the brilliance of Japanese designer Takashi Murakami which was picked up by Fabsugar as one if its must read of the day.  Two years later, the magnificent Murakami is making news again through his recent POP magazine cover featuring Britney Spears dressed as a Japanese Lolita. The cover obviously didn't escape the blogosphere's radar. In fact, wonder kid Tavi has written her interpretation of it. It is amazing how a 15? year old can translate a magazine cover into a thought provoking topic correlating  to our culture's obsession to pop stars, their sex lives and the how the world in general is so hooked to images of young girls portraying sluts and the freakishness of it all. As a 30 year old man, I would like to think as a 15 year old kid and translate this cover as nothing but a mere Japanese obsession--not with sex and schoolgirls---but with channeling their inner child.

Takashi Murakami also known as the "Andy Warhol of Japan" is the most coveted Japanese  artist the western world ( his record in art auction was for than fifteen million dollars).  His artworks have reached mainstream pop culture even enabling himself to collaborate with the likes of Kanye West and Marc Jacobs of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton in 2008.  The partnership with Louis Vuitton, was a big surprise as nobody would have thought that such a luxurious bags would suddenly have rich rainbow colours painted on its products. How dare Takashi be so blasphemous to taint a regal bag with such flamboyant palettes?  But in the end,  was a big hit, thanks to the clever idea of Marc Jacobs.

With Murakami's collaboration with pop, I want to look at it in a perspective that it is just a mere Japanese art which capitalizes on it's race's obsession with being and feeling like children again.  Japan, a country that earns billions by selling toys, gadgets, comics, mangas, etc. for an adult market, it is not surprising  that such  a magazine cover directed by one of its people has the same influence.  But you ask, why Britney?  and why is she posing so provocatively in that cover?  I say, why not? Britney with her massive success in the mainstream pop culture from a very young age, it is without a doubt that she was stripped of her childhood. Something that Takashi might have thought would be nice to re-live and be inspired with. Why not bring it back at least for a cover of a magazine? I would have suggested Michael Jackson as a good but for obvious reason, it would impossible.  Yet it would have made my point clearer. I believe that when this magazine hit Japan, it would just like be another normal cover to them.  Yes, there must be hint of her sex with her sexy Rodarte  outfit and Bridal gown but isn't it every girl's dream to be a bride?  As a line in the movie the "Devil wears Prada goes "isn't this multi billion business is all about, inner beauty?"--or something to that effect. Britney has been in the business for long to know that beauty does sell, all angles of it.

Japanese obsession with everything childlike has started after the second world war and the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The depression of the war made them want to feel alive and happy again.  Where did they get inspiration from?  Happiness as seen in the eyes of a child. From then on, this culture has spawned to many other things that even technology and pop culture were influenced by it. .  It is the feeling of being child again, the purity and happiness that we experience in that stage of our lives. The joy of having little things that are special to us. Which was exactly the point of the Luis Vuitton collaboration as I view it.  That the feeling of having something luxurious is tantamount to pure happiness.  The kind of joy similar to a child's when he got his first toy...the journey itself from dreaming about it to final acquisition. It would be a shallow interpretation of joy for some but in a culture which is luxury obsessed as Japan, this form of happiness is as real as night and day.

Here's The video for the Louis Vuitton/takashi collaboration. 

Sometimes we do over analyze things which is  sometimes is unnecessary.  Britney's cover for me is a celebration of her childhood years that never was enjoyed at all.  Yes, she is a grown up woman now and she knows that it will be interpreted in so many ways. yet to be a child again even just for a magazine cover must be thrilling for her.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Postcards from the Urban Jungle

Barcelona---When things become too stressful you go far, far away for refuge.  My source of calmness is the complete antithesis of a spa.  I needed the sounds of the cars, the whiff of stale carbon monoxide, the chaos of lights and the madness of people.  Balance madness with madness and you'll come with a neutral effect.  It is a science that has not been proven to be precise but for me, it definitely is.

Nothing. Not even the one hour delayed flight, the drama of the Catalan weather and air turbulence can stop me getting to where I wanted to go.  I switched off my Blackberry and I let the real world  fade along with its blinking red light. 

Once again, I was in a a world I was accustomed to. The place I have left for the calmness of the seaside.  Here's some snapshots of my first two days in Barcelona.  My ode to the (urban) jungle...
where the dragons live...

and super heroes exist.

Where you can be who you want to be...

and where you can roar like a lion.

Where everything turns into gold...

where beauty is ageless...

where you can take things lightly...

where the impossible becomes possible....

where the colour becomes you....

where hellos and goodbyes are one and the same...

where the past becomes the present...

where happiness is as soft as cashmere...

where people discover new boundaries...

Where nature is nurtured...

Where everything is not sombra

And where broken hearts are healed.


Note:  As my I am having with my wordpress again(!), let's do with this site for the moment. Thanks.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Miss J, Unplugged.

The past two days marked the hottest temperature I have experienced in six years of living here on the Costa Sol.  Don't ask me how hot it was but it definitely crossed Sodom and Gomorrah Celsius to me. As we all know hot weather brings out the best and the worse in people---Summer romances,  unwanted pregnancies and weddings are celebrated more in this season.  Blame the sun, the sea and the saline in the air but I definitely succumbed to the temptation of madness and at the middle of the night did an impromptu photoshoot of myself.
Cue "Beautiful ones" by Suede, here's Miss J. mincing in her bathroom in an epic glamrock style. Do I hear a LOL? 

Tuesday, 23 February 2010







Thursday, 18 February 2010

It's Teresa's Time

All eyes are on Teresa Helbig's debut in this month's Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week.  Winner of Marie Claire's 2009 Best New Designer and Barcelona Es Moda 2009 award for Best Professional designer, we are betting that this lady could  possibly be  the next Amaya Arzuaga.

Even I, am very excited with Teresa's debut, I am inspired to wear a white dress with a giant bow belt on the day of her show for some tribute.  Too bad, I'm not going to Madrid for the Fashion Week.  I will be in my bed, sulking like a spoiled brat denied of his sweets.  I will be twittering like mad though so if you want to join the bashings, follow me on Twitter.


One thing that sets Teresa apart from her contemporaries is her eye for details. Her designs are fresh, well-defined and ultrafeminine.She channels the 50's influences without forgetting the womanly silhuettes and curves of the 70's.

Teresa started out as a window dresser and her  entrance to the world of mainstream fashion was sort of a cliché:  She was in the right place at the right time.  This time, the right place was in a friend´s wedding where she came wearing her own creation: an 80's inspired dress with feathers that she made in her mother's work shop.  The dress caused a wave of interest among the guests including the bride and one of her friends that they asked her to do a small collecion especially for them.  And the rest, as they say is history. 

Well, not really.  Teresa's debut in this month's Madrid FW will be a history for her:  She is more than a pro though in being featured in fashion mags everywhere in Spain including the big shots, Vogue, Marie Claire etc.

My personal favorite collection is the "Dans Ma Cage AW09/10" featuring the fun mini dresses with feathers, stripes and giant bow belts.  The collection  screamed "love me!" and I succumbed.

Teresa Goes for the Gold in Her Summer 2010 collection

Well, good luck Teresa. It's your time to shine and you deserve it.  In September, I will pull hair and claw my newly manicured, inch long purple nails if I can't come and see you in Cibeles. IFEMA you've been warned. :)


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Best and Worst of the Goya Awards

Sunday night was Spain's version of the Oscars---The Goya Awards.  Giles, my editor for Hot Magazine was tweeting like crazy about the winners and although I was itching to see it, I don't have a Spanish telly unfortunately. Yup, ask me what's happening in Iran or the UK or Afghanistan and I can definitely tell you but ask me the weather forecast in Spain and I wouldn't have a clue.

Thanks to the internet though, I can bring the winners in the fashion category judge by yours truly.  Let take the piss shall we?

The Losers

Paz Vega:  I know you haven't had any movies lately honey but this Hannibal Luna gown didn't give you much help either to get noticed again. Two words:  too much.  Too much gown, too much hair.

Manuela Velasco looks fresh, pretty and innocent in a Christian Dior but she could have at least make an effort to put some make up on no?  She looks pale as snow!

 Pilar Castro in Manoush: Oh c'mon.  Really?  For the Goyas? Can someone give this one some professional help stylist please?!!!

Dafne Fernandez in Dolores Promesas: I can only forgive her if she is pregnant.  Is she?

Clara Lago is Wearing a Dior but the waistline is just so heavy, it totally hid her curves.  She looked like a barrel here.

 Sorry Pe (in a Vintage Versace) but we have been bored with your safe style lately. Safe hair, safe gowns, safe everything. I  know you look good in everything you wear and that you are one elegant, classy lady but your looks have been so predictable, we are yawning.

And now, the WINNERS:

 The Ministry of Culture's Angeles Gonzales Sinde in a stunning  Amaya Arzuaga (my favorite) gown.  If all public servants are as stylish as her, I will enlist myself in the army.

 Model/Singer Bimba Bose in a David Delfin suit added some colourful androgyny to the night. 

and my overall WINNER

Maria Reyes in an Ana Locking gown:  This is how you do the red carpet, bitches!  The hair... the gown and the dog! I love, love , love the Mae West look with a hint of Cruella Deville mixed with fiercesome tranny attitude.  Perfection. 
Calling the Oscars, Invite this beauty to your award show this year for some added attraction. 
She would be glad to bring a Toro next time.


Monday, 15 February 2010

Let’s Talk Clubbing

I started out clubbing when I was 19. Yup, I was a late bloomer in the whole clubbing scene. I was a straight A student and just out of the blue (a month before graduating from the university to be exact) I finally had the courage to discover what most of my classmates were busy with and why they come to class late, glassy eyed with their wrist stamped with unusual names and shapes.

Little did I know that the discovery would make me the party monster animal that I was for the next 5 years. At my first job for Verizon in Manila, I had to miss work (we worked midnight to 8am) so I can strut my stuff in BED and later on , I was bringing officemates to join me. Yes, I was a bad influence. After that, I worked with a magazine and that was worse (or best?) ---we were going out literally every night! We were unstoppable and you can name the best party places in Manila, we’ve been there. (Makes me miss all my girl-friends now! Awww). That was in the early part of the noughties and the soundtrack of my life were “So Many Times” by Gadjo, “Dove” by Moony, “Joyrise” can’t remember by who and “Absolutely Not” by Deborah Cox which never failed to make even the butchest queer act and dance like RuPaul in heat. Absolutely Not also reminds me of my infinite love for Brian Kinney.

Fast forward to now, it hasn’t been 2 years after my surreal arrival in Spain that I started going out again. But honestly, it felt different. During my 20’s, as everyone was in that age, I was fearless. I danced like there’s no tomorrow, I flirted like a pro and I drank like a fish. Not anymore. I still can dance the night away if I want to but I get bored easily and my eyes will involuntary close at around 4am. I still have fun and flirt but not unless I can sense that the flirting is mutual. I don’t know, maybe it is the culture as well. In Manila, I can just smile and introduce myself to someone but here, people are more how do I word it…cautious. Saying that, I have been to several parties in Ibiza (the best) and P. Banus and although sometimes I bore myself to death, the eye candies always make it worthwhile.

Next month there will be a massive party in Dreamer’s and I am definitely going to re-live those good old days of being a party addict.

The 19th of March, at Dreamer’s Puerto Banus, the biggest, craziest house party will take place:  Dreamer's House Parade 3d Festival . I know you have seen the adverts and read their press releases virtually everywhere but let’s get a little deeper on what’s gonna happen.

dreamers houseparade from Faxside Records on Vimeo.

The Basics: 7 Djs in one night. How cool is that? Later on this post you will find the names of the DJs playing for you who are like me-- clueless with DJ names (except of course for the brilliant Kouijzer brothers) .In fact, I don’t even know the name of the resident DJ of my local gay club in Torremolinos (Parthenon) but I know he goes to the gym everyday, wears Maybelline foundation in beige on weekends, and an extra shiny, shimmering mineral foundation on New Year’s eve party.

Anyway, before I go on about the party, let me digress a little bit about DJs. Obviously I go to gayclubs more than straight ones so I know that these clubs hoard the best looking DJs in town (and a lot of times, the best ones too). In fact, I am openly declaring, through this blog, my crush, to the very good looking Steven Redant who can spin me right round anytime and anyday he wants. I have been to one of his gig years ago and it rocked. Unfortunately, he is a happily married gay man. And no, he is not part of this party we are talking about either.*sigh*

My DJ crush of the moment, Steven Redant (photos from gaydar radio) . P.S.  who wouldn't want a boyfriend with a tongue like that?  Just asking.

Now, before you run out there and try to snatch your own DJ be warned because true to the word of my future ex-bf Steven, "DJs are not as easy to pull as you think and they are not  all fucked up with drugs" to be easily cavorted into sex. At least know the title of  one their mixes and pretend you're interested.  Then you might just get lucky to have your own spot in the DJ booth or best, under the turning table (wink wink).

So, moving on with the party, again let’s do a roll call of the guests:
Photosonic Orchestra will be burning down the house with their music and a 3D live audio visual show, using live footage from live performances and interactive live with the audience. Hence, everyone will be wearing 3D glasses!

At 2:30 am, the show will stop and this will give way to a fashion show by  JNBY. I will do a separate post this week about the brand. I got the scoop that there will also be a Capoeira show within the show. Translation: Brazilian fit men doing stunts on stage. So that will be a good reason to bring all your fag hags.

And of course, the group Alice In Wonderland will be showcasing their best performances from their roster of Gogo Boys and Girls, Transvestites, Drag queens, the works! Geez, this is like a complete party menu!

Attention: This is not a gay party ok, but it is a genderless party. Everyone is welcome—men, women, gay, lesbian and everything in between---as long as you are fun. And for fuck’s sake, wear something nice for the occasion will yah?

Tickets are available at different prices. Check out their website, http://www.fxsgroup.com/ or call FXS Office at  952932829 . Make sure you namedrop MarbellaStyle and you can get some discount. Ok? See you there bitches.


Friday, 12 February 2010

Oh, Give her the ring already.

This weekend is the only time of the year when a man  actually makes an effort to touch the sensibilities of  his woman.  No, I am not talking about holloween, It's Valentines day, people! 

If you are a man and you still haven't booked  a hotel for the weekend or you still haven't thought of a gift for her, you know you are in bad situation. I suggest you better act quick before it's too late.  Order now a bouquet of roses (always works) and this:

Part of Tiffany Celebration® Rings collection ( special rings for any occassions)  these Passion for Pink pieces radiate different shades of red that exude passion and fire. The platinum band is dotted with vibrant pink sapphire and exquisitely hand-faceted diamond set making it a perfectly romantic gift for your loved one. Luxurious and elegant, I also love the fact that you can combine several rings to create a stunning piece! 

When you care enough to give the very best, give her a Tiffany. And oh, you might also want to pop the question too for a total Valentines experience.  Just saying.

Happy Valentines everyone!


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Farewell Alexander

This is a sad day for the whole fashion industry and perhaps the world. British fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead at his London home on Thursday, his spokeswoman said. He was 40 years old.

I don't know him personally but as a fan and an avid admirer of his brilliant works, I felt shattered when I learned the news, I can't help but to cry.  This time, I am no drama queen.

It is a tragic day but rest assured, we will always remember the brilliant designer that he was and the most beautiful things he's done for the world of fashion and art.

You will be terribly missed.  Rest in Peace, Alexander.


The EGO has landed in Madrid.

While New York is being covered in snow, I am so glad that the rain has finally stopped today!  Seems like the coast would not be moaning for the lack of water come summertime.  Everything has been soaked, filled and the dams might probably be brimming/ overflowing enought to suffice the entire population for the next two years or so.  Yes, that's how heavy the rain was here on the Coast of the Sun.

While NYC is turning out to be a perfect scenery for a late (white) Christmas card, I'm sure  it won't stop every determined blogger in the city to gatecrash the best shows in this month's fashion week. I, personally am excited not what the latest Marc Jacobs collection be but on what Tavi´s hat will be like.  I hope it's as massive as the last time if not, double the size. 

Madrid on the other hand will have it's 51st Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week starting the 18th of February and will run for a staggering six days of non-stop Spanish fashion. We look forward to seeing our favorites: the crazy Agatha Ruiz de la PradaAngel Schlesser (who got pissed off with me when i compared his brand to Mango.lol.  I will post about that soon), Joseph Font and David Delfin who will be presenting his collection in New York a few days earlier.  I don't really know if they will all be showcased this month but what I know is that this year, the Ego fair will be a smorgasboard of kick ass up and coming designers as exciting as the main shows themselves.

"El Ego" is a fair with booths and stands showcasing the works of the best newcomers and young designers of the country.  Our eyes are set to follow the most coloful and most fun of all---Maya Hansen.

Maya Hansen is probably the best corsétière in the country.  Her Argentinian and Danish roots must have had something to do with her designs as they are complex, diverse and versatile as the two cultures in her blood.  It is amazing that from creating goth corsets as a starting point, her work is now as pop and mainstream, I can imagine the likes of Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese sporting her wonderful, colorful designs.  Here are more pics from her S/S 2010 collection:

Cheeky and fun, add a ball skirt on this one and its perfect for any quinceñera party :)

Why do I see Pink (the singer) on this one?  Oh yes, Lady Marmalade.

Take out all the frivolities. Corset + black cigarette pants + black power blazer =Priceless.

This one is inspired by Marie Antoinette and I am loving it.  I can see her working it as she head to one of those late night parties in Paris whe she goes incognito.  Weirdly enough, this dress looks like a very sumptous cake as well, doesn't it?  I know Maya has a "cake" inspired collection too. Maybe this is one of those.  It definitely looks delish to me!

IFEMA (the fashion week organizer) is still holding my invites for the bloggerspace (there will be a space provided for 20 bloggers this year) and we are hoping we will hear from them before the weekend so I can arrange my travel plans.  I already have an invite for El EGO fair but it would be hitting two birds in one stone if we could go there and actually blog about the show.  Elena of IFEMA, gorgeous, honey, darling, cariño, can you hear me?

If not, I'm calling out all fashionistas in Madrid to go and spend a day in EGO.  The Ego has landed to your city, and it is wearing a corset.



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