Thursday, 21 January 2010

Lux is up North

Working most of the Holiday Season until 5pm on New Year’s Day has taken its toll on me. Right now, all I want is to escape somewhere where the last thing I can see is a sight of a computer or a mobile phone. However, there are schedules to be met, targets to be reached and goals to be accomplished hence; it’s going to be September before I can experience some “me, myself and I” time.
Positive side is I can book flights and hotels in advance which means discounts and more discounts.
Where shall I go? It’s a toss between Ibiza (again) and the North of Spain, particularly the city of San Sebastian. I have been to Ibiza two years ago and have experience the best of its beaches and infamous nightlife. Believe me, it’s one for your “Things to go to before I die” lists.Ibiza 2007.Photo:marbellastyle. 
The North of Spain however intrigues me especially San Sebastian with all it’s popularity for great food, great scenery and gorgeous (and rich) people. In fact, it is in San Sebastian where lies not one, but two 3 Michelin stars restaurants in Spain proving their gastronomic supremacy in country. And yes, what else do you do on a holiday but eat anyway (everything else is trivial) so that is in itself is reason enough for me to go there in September.Where Shall I stay? Well I should be buying a lot of lottery tickets because I want nothing but the best. This:
The Maria Cristina Hotel---San Sebastian’s most luxurious hotel and included in Condé Nast Traveller 2010´s Gold List: The World’s Best Places to Stay. This luxurious beauty was inaugurated in 1912 and sits in the centre of the city overlooking the Urumea river.
Built by French architect Charles Mewes (the same architect of The Ritz Hotel in Madrid and Paris), Maria Cristina is also the only 5 star hotel in the area and has 136 rooms , 28 of which are suites. It has been a favorite destination of A-list celebrities and stars like Gregory Peck, Julie Andrews, Robert De Niro, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Woody Allen, and Mel Gibson among others. To learn more about the opulent history of Hotel Maria Cristina, click here.
The hotel is part of The Luxury Collection by Starwood, a chain of luxurious hotels all around the world including The Fairfax at Embassy Row, Washington, D.C., The Westin Paris and Hotel National in Moscow.For my September dates, a night in this breathtaking hotel ranges from 480€ to 610€. Uber expensive you may say? Well, luxury comes with a price. Who knows? You might just bump with Brad Pitt on the corridor or strike a conversation with Quentin Tarantino at the bar; then you can tell yourself, “it’s all worth it.”


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