Saturday, 23 January 2010

One for the Weekend: Suzy Menkes on Fashion Blogging

On Fashionblogs from Mary Scherpe on Vimeo.

Our all time favorite fashion journalist,Suzy Menkes talks about fashion blogging and its growing influence in the society. Also, there are interviews with authors of popular fashion blogs including one of our favorite girls, Jennine of The Coveted.

To see what this video is about, click here

I have caught up on something she said about brand managers being "terrified" by bloggers. Imagine a 17 year old blogger from somewhere in the world in her pajamas, making a middle aged man in a Zegna suit tremble over what she's gonna say next to her million of friends in Twitter and Facebook about his company's latest fashion show. Hilarious, but Miss Menkes' statement is quite true.

Well why not?  Blogs especially those who have a loyal following and receive thousands of hits a day can, in its little own way, create or destroy a brand in a click of button. Blogs are not only the new phase of public relations; as what the bloggers in this video say, it is a combination of everything---marketing, PR, art direction etc. making it a powerful, effective, efficient and cost effective means of marketing that it is.

I hope that more and more companies see the power of blogs as an important tool in putting their products and services to where they should really be:  not in a billboard over a freeway where everybody is too busy driving to even look at anyway--- but right into people's homes; read and absorbed by their target audience.

I love what Suzy was saying about being excited in this whole new advancement in media.  Yes, we are not the enemy of traditional media.  On the contrary, we are an added tool complementing what's already out there and I believe blogs should be included in every company's media plan.

And oh, did I say I'm so happy to see Suzy's signature hairdo again?



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