Friday, 15 January 2010

The Size Issue

So V magazine's size issue is now out. Just when everybody's renewing their gym subscriptions and making a year long promise to lose at least 10 kilos after the holiday season, V came up with this fantastic idea to celebrate your shape, even if you are as big as Gabourey Sidibe

Being a fatty myself (my ideal weight for my 7'5" structure is 65kg. I am, hold your breath, 15 kilos overweight at the moment) and someone who just merely started to run the threadmill again, I am afraid to look at the pictures, I might like myself.

I pray to God that I will not be as fat as Sidibe.  Not for anything else but having breathing difficulty climbing up the stairs to my apartment (25 steps more or less and steep) at 80 kilos now, imagine me at 300 kilos.  I might be dead on the 2nd step alone. V's point of directing the fashion spotlight to the curvier ones is  brilliant idea however, the health cautions were missing.  It is like buying a cigarette without the usual "smoking kills" warning printed on the pack.

There was a balancer in the issue though in the shape of Dakota Fanning,"the tiny one" as the title goes. Dakota, who I love in her childhood movies,  is as we all know turning into a great little actress.  She is seemingly smart and definitely skinny just as hollywood like it. 

Dakota's feature seemed like a forced entry in the magazine, drowning amidst the sea of  the heavier girls. I could almost hear the editor shouting, "we have to be politically correct!  Let's not focus on the fat ones, put some skinny bitch on the issue, for fuck's sake!".  Therefore we see Little Miss D.-- a waif, thin girl who is recently known for her film role as someone who feeds only with blood.

There were some features as well in this issue that take your mind off double cheeseburger, fries and coke (red) for a second.  Interesting read is Tom Ford's interview where he admits he hates his photo taken. Hmmm…Now I got the point why he is always baring his chest or posing with naked men in adverts and editorials---He wants us to look at his hairy chest and the naked guys instead, not him.  Clever.

Then my eyes caught this:

It says that in Barcelona nudity is not only tolerated but it is encouraged. 

Really?  I have been to Barcelona and I have never seen anyone without clothes wandering the streets walking their dogs or otherwise.  I have been approached by hookers at plain daylight, yes. 10 am to be exact, and none of them was nude either. Maybe I was there for a brief period and I wasn't able to witness this public display of nakedness but as far as I know, you will definitely get in trouble with the police promenading the La Rambla under the spanish moonlight without clothes.  Yes, even if you look like supermodel Iris, ok?

Speaking of Barcelona, I definitely encourage everyone to come and visit this beautiful and iconic Spanish city.  I had a blast there two years ago when I went for a weekend break.  There is where you can see effortless stylish people parading on the street doing their grocery shopping.  Almost everyone is well-dressed except of course for tourists with their hideous backpacks, t-shirts and dirty sneakers. It was summer though so we can forgive them.  Also, I was surprised with the amount of American tourists and expats living in the city.  Everywhere I went, I always hear the distinct twang!

me in front of a Gaudi building in barcelona 2007

Anyway, going back to the size issue: 
The road for manorexia is still far for me but we'll get there. I should develop some discipline because losing weight requires a lot of it. A  friend once told me, "don't read fashion magazines because it makes you feel bad about yourself" and this issue of V is the one that i will give  a miss.  

I can see myself splattered all over it and I get lazy going to the gym.


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