Sunday, 24 January 2010

With these gowns, I take thee...

Eric Blasberg is one of our favorite fashion writers and we can't get enough of  his tweets either!  Approximately 11 hours ago, he twitted his lovely shot of Abbey Lee and Baptiste at Chanel's couture show in Paris.

Although we can't see much the details of the wedding gown, I'm sure this is Uncle's Karl dream gown if and when he walks down that isle with the beautiful Baptiste.  (Well,why not?  I'm sure if you are Karl lagerfeld, nothing is impossible.) We can't wait to see the official press photos flooding the internet anytime soon and we are looking forward to see Baptiste looking immaculately handsome...without the high heels and the crazy leather accoutrements this time.

Speaking of wedding gowns, Pronovias´ 2010 collection is a must see ( or wear) for all of you out there who are planning to get tied up anytime this year.

Aside from their signature line, Pronovias is joined by three powerhouse designers to bring out such a breathtaking and highly dramatic creations--Manuel Mota, Valentino Sposa and the fabulous Ellie Saab.

Here are my favorites:

Manuel Mota is all about romance

Highly dramatic pieces from Ellie Saab

Pronovias as you may know by now is Spain's premier wedding gown brand and now available in many parts of the world. Luxury bridal dresses fit for a girl's most special day. 

I am still dreaming to wear one of these someday. Only problem is, I still yet to find the groom.



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