Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Best and Worst of the Goya Awards

Sunday night was Spain's version of the Oscars---The Goya Awards.  Giles, my editor for Hot Magazine was tweeting like crazy about the winners and although I was itching to see it, I don't have a Spanish telly unfortunately. Yup, ask me what's happening in Iran or the UK or Afghanistan and I can definitely tell you but ask me the weather forecast in Spain and I wouldn't have a clue.

Thanks to the internet though, I can bring the winners in the fashion category judge by yours truly.  Let take the piss shall we?

The Losers

Paz Vega:  I know you haven't had any movies lately honey but this Hannibal Luna gown didn't give you much help either to get noticed again. Two words:  too much.  Too much gown, too much hair.

Manuela Velasco looks fresh, pretty and innocent in a Christian Dior but she could have at least make an effort to put some make up on no?  She looks pale as snow!

 Pilar Castro in Manoush: Oh c'mon.  Really?  For the Goyas? Can someone give this one some professional help stylist please?!!!

Dafne Fernandez in Dolores Promesas: I can only forgive her if she is pregnant.  Is she?

Clara Lago is Wearing a Dior but the waistline is just so heavy, it totally hid her curves.  She looked like a barrel here.

 Sorry Pe (in a Vintage Versace) but we have been bored with your safe style lately. Safe hair, safe gowns, safe everything. I  know you look good in everything you wear and that you are one elegant, classy lady but your looks have been so predictable, we are yawning.

And now, the WINNERS:

 The Ministry of Culture's Angeles Gonzales Sinde in a stunning  Amaya Arzuaga (my favorite) gown.  If all public servants are as stylish as her, I will enlist myself in the army.

 Model/Singer Bimba Bose in a David Delfin suit added some colourful androgyny to the night. 

and my overall WINNER

Maria Reyes in an Ana Locking gown:  This is how you do the red carpet, bitches!  The hair... the gown and the dog! I love, love , love the Mae West look with a hint of Cruella Deville mixed with fiercesome tranny attitude.  Perfection. 
Calling the Oscars, Invite this beauty to your award show this year for some added attraction. 
She would be glad to bring a Toro next time.



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