Thursday, 11 February 2010

The EGO has landed in Madrid.

While New York is being covered in snow, I am so glad that the rain has finally stopped today!  Seems like the coast would not be moaning for the lack of water come summertime.  Everything has been soaked, filled and the dams might probably be brimming/ overflowing enought to suffice the entire population for the next two years or so.  Yes, that's how heavy the rain was here on the Coast of the Sun.

While NYC is turning out to be a perfect scenery for a late (white) Christmas card, I'm sure  it won't stop every determined blogger in the city to gatecrash the best shows in this month's fashion week. I, personally am excited not what the latest Marc Jacobs collection be but on what Tavi´s hat will be like.  I hope it's as massive as the last time if not, double the size. 

Madrid on the other hand will have it's 51st Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week starting the 18th of February and will run for a staggering six days of non-stop Spanish fashion. We look forward to seeing our favorites: the crazy Agatha Ruiz de la PradaAngel Schlesser (who got pissed off with me when i compared his brand to  I will post about that soon), Joseph Font and David Delfin who will be presenting his collection in New York a few days earlier.  I don't really know if they will all be showcased this month but what I know is that this year, the Ego fair will be a smorgasboard of kick ass up and coming designers as exciting as the main shows themselves.

"El Ego" is a fair with booths and stands showcasing the works of the best newcomers and young designers of the country.  Our eyes are set to follow the most coloful and most fun of all---Maya Hansen.

Maya Hansen is probably the best corsétière in the country.  Her Argentinian and Danish roots must have had something to do with her designs as they are complex, diverse and versatile as the two cultures in her blood.  It is amazing that from creating goth corsets as a starting point, her work is now as pop and mainstream, I can imagine the likes of Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese sporting her wonderful, colorful designs.  Here are more pics from her S/S 2010 collection:

Cheeky and fun, add a ball skirt on this one and its perfect for any quinceñera party :)

Why do I see Pink (the singer) on this one?  Oh yes, Lady Marmalade.

Take out all the frivolities. Corset + black cigarette pants + black power blazer =Priceless.

This one is inspired by Marie Antoinette and I am loving it.  I can see her working it as she head to one of those late night parties in Paris whe she goes incognito.  Weirdly enough, this dress looks like a very sumptous cake as well, doesn't it?  I know Maya has a "cake" inspired collection too. Maybe this is one of those.  It definitely looks delish to me!

IFEMA (the fashion week organizer) is still holding my invites for the bloggerspace (there will be a space provided for 20 bloggers this year) and we are hoping we will hear from them before the weekend so I can arrange my travel plans.  I already have an invite for El EGO fair but it would be hitting two birds in one stone if we could go there and actually blog about the show.  Elena of IFEMA, gorgeous, honey, darling, cariño, can you hear me?

If not, I'm calling out all fashionistas in Madrid to go and spend a day in EGO.  The Ego has landed to your city, and it is wearing a corset.



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