Thursday, 18 February 2010

It's Teresa's Time

All eyes are on Teresa Helbig's debut in this month's Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week.  Winner of Marie Claire's 2009 Best New Designer and Barcelona Es Moda 2009 award for Best Professional designer, we are betting that this lady could  possibly be  the next Amaya Arzuaga.

Even I, am very excited with Teresa's debut, I am inspired to wear a white dress with a giant bow belt on the day of her show for some tribute.  Too bad, I'm not going to Madrid for the Fashion Week.  I will be in my bed, sulking like a spoiled brat denied of his sweets.  I will be twittering like mad though so if you want to join the bashings, follow me on Twitter.


One thing that sets Teresa apart from her contemporaries is her eye for details. Her designs are fresh, well-defined and ultrafeminine.She channels the 50's influences without forgetting the womanly silhuettes and curves of the 70's.

Teresa started out as a window dresser and her  entrance to the world of mainstream fashion was sort of a cliché:  She was in the right place at the right time.  This time, the right place was in a friend´s wedding where she came wearing her own creation: an 80's inspired dress with feathers that she made in her mother's work shop.  The dress caused a wave of interest among the guests including the bride and one of her friends that they asked her to do a small collecion especially for them.  And the rest, as they say is history. 

Well, not really.  Teresa's debut in this month's Madrid FW will be a history for her:  She is more than a pro though in being featured in fashion mags everywhere in Spain including the big shots, Vogue, Marie Claire etc.

My personal favorite collection is the "Dans Ma Cage AW09/10" featuring the fun mini dresses with feathers, stripes and giant bow belts.  The collection  screamed "love me!" and I succumbed.

Teresa Goes for the Gold in Her Summer 2010 collection

Well, good luck Teresa. It's your time to shine and you deserve it.  In September, I will pull hair and claw my newly manicured, inch long purple nails if I can't come and see you in Cibeles. IFEMA you've been warned. :)



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