Monday, 15 February 2010

Let’s Talk Clubbing

I started out clubbing when I was 19. Yup, I was a late bloomer in the whole clubbing scene. I was a straight A student and just out of the blue (a month before graduating from the university to be exact) I finally had the courage to discover what most of my classmates were busy with and why they come to class late, glassy eyed with their wrist stamped with unusual names and shapes.

Little did I know that the discovery would make me the party monster animal that I was for the next 5 years. At my first job for Verizon in Manila, I had to miss work (we worked midnight to 8am) so I can strut my stuff in BED and later on , I was bringing officemates to join me. Yes, I was a bad influence. After that, I worked with a magazine and that was worse (or best?) ---we were going out literally every night! We were unstoppable and you can name the best party places in Manila, we’ve been there. (Makes me miss all my girl-friends now! Awww). That was in the early part of the noughties and the soundtrack of my life were “So Many Times” by Gadjo, “Dove” by Moony, “Joyrise” can’t remember by who and “Absolutely Not” by Deborah Cox which never failed to make even the butchest queer act and dance like RuPaul in heat. Absolutely Not also reminds me of my infinite love for Brian Kinney.

Fast forward to now, it hasn’t been 2 years after my surreal arrival in Spain that I started going out again. But honestly, it felt different. During my 20’s, as everyone was in that age, I was fearless. I danced like there’s no tomorrow, I flirted like a pro and I drank like a fish. Not anymore. I still can dance the night away if I want to but I get bored easily and my eyes will involuntary close at around 4am. I still have fun and flirt but not unless I can sense that the flirting is mutual. I don’t know, maybe it is the culture as well. In Manila, I can just smile and introduce myself to someone but here, people are more how do I word it…cautious. Saying that, I have been to several parties in Ibiza (the best) and P. Banus and although sometimes I bore myself to death, the eye candies always make it worthwhile.

Next month there will be a massive party in Dreamer’s and I am definitely going to re-live those good old days of being a party addict.

The 19th of March, at Dreamer’s Puerto Banus, the biggest, craziest house party will take place:  Dreamer's House Parade 3d Festival . I know you have seen the adverts and read their press releases virtually everywhere but let’s get a little deeper on what’s gonna happen.

dreamers houseparade from Faxside Records on Vimeo.

The Basics: 7 Djs in one night. How cool is that? Later on this post you will find the names of the DJs playing for you who are like me-- clueless with DJ names (except of course for the brilliant Kouijzer brothers) .In fact, I don’t even know the name of the resident DJ of my local gay club in Torremolinos (Parthenon) but I know he goes to the gym everyday, wears Maybelline foundation in beige on weekends, and an extra shiny, shimmering mineral foundation on New Year’s eve party.

Anyway, before I go on about the party, let me digress a little bit about DJs. Obviously I go to gayclubs more than straight ones so I know that these clubs hoard the best looking DJs in town (and a lot of times, the best ones too). In fact, I am openly declaring, through this blog, my crush, to the very good looking Steven Redant who can spin me right round anytime and anyday he wants. I have been to one of his gig years ago and it rocked. Unfortunately, he is a happily married gay man. And no, he is not part of this party we are talking about either.*sigh*

My DJ crush of the moment, Steven Redant (photos from gaydar radio) . P.S.  who wouldn't want a boyfriend with a tongue like that?  Just asking.

Now, before you run out there and try to snatch your own DJ be warned because true to the word of my future ex-bf Steven, "DJs are not as easy to pull as you think and they are not  all fucked up with drugs" to be easily cavorted into sex. At least know the title of  one their mixes and pretend you're interested.  Then you might just get lucky to have your own spot in the DJ booth or best, under the turning table (wink wink).

So, moving on with the party, again let’s do a roll call of the guests:
Photosonic Orchestra will be burning down the house with their music and a 3D live audio visual show, using live footage from live performances and interactive live with the audience. Hence, everyone will be wearing 3D glasses!

At 2:30 am, the show will stop and this will give way to a fashion show by  JNBY. I will do a separate post this week about the brand. I got the scoop that there will also be a Capoeira show within the show. Translation: Brazilian fit men doing stunts on stage. So that will be a good reason to bring all your fag hags.

And of course, the group Alice In Wonderland will be showcasing their best performances from their roster of Gogo Boys and Girls, Transvestites, Drag queens, the works! Geez, this is like a complete party menu!

Attention: This is not a gay party ok, but it is a genderless party. Everyone is welcome—men, women, gay, lesbian and everything in between---as long as you are fun. And for fuck’s sake, wear something nice for the occasion will yah?

Tickets are available at different prices. Check out their website, or call FXS Office at  952932829 . Make sure you namedrop MarbellaStyle and you can get some discount. Ok? See you there bitches.



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