Monday, 8 February 2010

Sade's Soldier of Love: Same ammunition, new battleground.

Album cover

Four years after her million selling album "Lover's Rock" in 2006, the queen of soft, heart wrenching R&B, Sade is back with vengeance with her newly released "Soldier of Love'.

The 10-track album begins with guitar strings in "Moon and the Sky"a sweet start as if to call back her fateful minions (like me and the all the rest of the gay population in the world.  Yes, she is a gay icon).  Her familiar voice then comes wrenching singing about failed relationships and treasons as always.

 I say "as always"  with endearment.  True there is no significant difference with this album and her past ones aside from the reggae flavor of "Babyfather" and the Timabaland-ish bass and drums of "Soldier of  Love"  but who needs a new Sade anyway?  It is her classic , slow and careful tweaking of words that made us love her in the first place and no, I don't want to hear her whipping out  any other musical genre either, thank you very much.

Album cover 2

What's most surprising about her is that her voice never changed at all.  For a 51 year old woman, she sounded exactly how she sounded with her first album,"Diamond Life". And by the look of her new music video, she only got a tad older too.  Her signature combed back flamenco hairdo, the loop earrings and her to die for figure is still the same.  As if she never disappeared for years right before our very eyes.

Aside from the title track, my favorites include "Morning Bird"(you are the morning bird who sang me into life),"The Long Hard Road" and "Skin"--- Jazzy tunes that would make you consume a pack of Kleenex if you let your emotions go while listening to them.

Sade brought is back from the battleground of music but then again, she might find that the ground is empty.  She is her own genre and no one else can destroy a heart slowly as she does with her voice---her one true weapon.  This soldier has won, yet again.

Sade - Soldier Of Love from DarkFish Entertainment on Vimeo.


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