Friday, 13 August 2010

Miss J, Unplugged.

The past two days marked the hottest temperature I have experienced in six years of living here on the Costa Sol.  Don't ask me how hot it was but it definitely crossed Sodom and Gomorrah Celsius to me. As we all know hot weather brings out the best and the worse in people---Summer romances,  unwanted pregnancies and weddings are celebrated more in this season.  Blame the sun, the sea and the saline in the air but I definitely succumbed to the temptation of madness and at the middle of the night did an impromptu photoshoot of myself.
Cue "Beautiful ones" by Suede, here's Miss J. mincing in her bathroom in an epic glamrock style. Do I hear a LOL? 

I received a couple of queries abut the jacket I was wearing during the Starlight event "it looked weird but cool", a reader said trying to be eloquent with the description but failed.  Well without further ado, I can tell you that the jacket is from Unplugged Museum, a South Korean brand which specializes in "real but unreal, trendy but untrendy, strong but not strong, black but not as black" fashion.  If you could make sense to that, my reader, you could probably make sense to the  war in Iraq as well. For me, I can only describe it as nearly Rick Owens but not quite.
SS2010 collection from Unplugged Museum

The jacket is a gift from a friend from his recent South Korean trip.  This country is becoming the fashion capital of Asia for its eclectic, young modern and totally outrageous sense of style.  Even Gaga Daily , a website dedicated to Lady Gaga's fashion redirects her fans to this South Korean shopping site to get inspiration and steal Gaga's fashion. That's how crazy beautiful my fellow yellow kins are, people!

The asymmetric collar of the jacket is the scene stealer and the slim fit cut is definitely figure flattering while the silky fabric makes the hot season bearable.
Moi at the Starlite Event
 I wore the blazer in a formal fashion but that's the good thing with blazers/jackets:  You can wear them as you want! Hence one should always invest on a good quality piece which will last for a long time.  This quirky Korean jacket may last depending on how  good I take care of it but really, I should go for tailored suits and jackets because as an Asian man in Europe, finding the right size is just close to impossible!

Anyway,  here's the impromptu photoshoot of myself the other day, I hope you like it. Steven Meisel, eat your hearts out!

That's all folks! And yes,  I woke up the next morning in the same unusual pose.


P.S. My wordpress is insane right now and I can't upload pics. While I'm preparing to give my graphic artists some lashings, we'll do with this site.  Tomorrow I hope it'll be fixed.  More scandals and insanity as usual in


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