Tuesday, 2 February 2010

LV Spotting

Having flu is the most dreadful thing. You can’t do anything, your whole life flashes back right before your very eyes and before you know it, you are praying that you will still wake up the next day. Oh, the drama of being sick but yes, that’s how I spent the weekend-- Under the covers with my laptop on my chest, doing nothing but a movie marathon in between paracetamols, orange juice and peppermint tea with honey. Thanks be to God, I am better now except for the occasional coughing and the aftermaths of colds.

So there I was accompanied by Hollywood stars in my bed. A mile high orgy in the comforts of my bedroom with stars like George Clooney, Sandra Bullock , Matthew Goode, Amy Adams among others. “The Proposal” (I know, I’m the last person the world to have seen it) is outright funny. No, let me take that back---Sandra Bullock is outright funny, but she always is, isn’t she? The film was predictable and there’s nothing new about it either but it’s Sandra’s exceptional comedic timing that make the movie tick. And of course, Ryan Reynold’s wash board abs too.

Then I watched “Leap Year” starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. I almost succumb to death watching this painful film (painful because it is crap, not heart-wrenching) and I predict the death of Amy’s career starting here. The premise was good: She had to go to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend as an Irish tradition which is done only on leap years. Once she stepped out off the plane, I thought she stepped onto her career quicksand.

Although my eyes were like two volcanoes spitting hot lava every five minutes, I spotted something that made my pulse racing like mad: The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas rolling luggage!

The beautiful baby was in the boat scene with Sandra and it was so funny how she almost wet herself when her other LV  bag was thrown out into the sea! I don’t blame her. I would kill someone if that happens to me too. Did I say Sandra had a gorgeous Birkin in the movie as well?

In “Leap Year”, the LV luggage had her catwalk along the idyllic roads of Ireland and got stolen by a group of thugs. I won’t kill if that happens to me. I would wage war to the entire country just to get it back.

Anyway, how much is this travelling baby?

On the other hand, the not uberly luxurious but very sturdy and practical Travelpro made its debut in “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney. For those who need a crash course in airport culture e.g. which counter to check in, how to pack your suitcase etc., this is the film for you. Very clever and very current with its take on the credit crunch and the whole technology-advancement-as-substitute-for-the-human-workforce thing.

I admit I don’t pack light. I usually bring my whole life in a suitcase whenever I go places, even just for the weekend. Damn, I even bring my whole life in a bag with me everyday! (Soon, I’ll do a “what’s in your bag” post).

After the marathon I slept and dreamt:


Charles de Gaulle airport arrivals.

Me with my LV luggage (albeit empty but you can’t scan things in a dream ok?).

Carla Bruni with a bouquet of flowers welcoming me.

She looked at my stack of 20 LV bags in different shades and sizes.

Carla: “Mon Cheri, Miss J. at last, you have arrived!”

Me: “haaachooo!”




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